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How to write a kick-ass to-do list

Who doesn’t love to feel organised, efficient and productive?! If you’re on this blog I’m guessing you love a productivity hack or two, and in my book nothing is better than a good old fashioned to-do list to take you from “oops, I just spent my day watching multiple episodes of Friends and now it’s […]

Startup Story: Elizabeth McIntyre, founder of Crisp Copy

Crisp Copy’s website is a treasure trove of entertaining sentences. As a copywriting service, they know how to write words that will make brands sound their very best, and consumers listen up. At the heart of Crisp Copy is Elizabeth McIntyre, and Desk Life Project caught up with her recently about her business to find out […]

When to say no to a client

Many new freelancers are constantly on the lookout for more work, new clients and exciting opportunities, so when we are offered something it is often in our nature to grab on with both hands and never let go. But not every potential client and opportunity will be good for you or your career, so learning […]