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Pilates at your desk? Meet Kerrie-Anne, Founder of PAYD

Anyone who spends the majority of their day in an office chair will know that without some kind of movement, you will start to feel aches and pains that you do NOT want. The kind that, over time, can lead to all sorts of long-term health issues. But there’s a difference between those who spend […]

7 ways to easily increase your business success according to The Greatest Showman

What’s better than learning about business success? Learning about business success using lessons from The Greatest Showman! Desk Life Project contributor Helen Munshi from The Start-Up Studio shares what she has learned from everyone’s favourite musical film… I gave in to my niece’s begging (#pesterpowerisreal) and watched The Greatest Showman with her. From the very first […]

Reasons to let your work life thrive in a coworking space

Ah yes, the coworking space! In the last few years there has been a snowstorm of new coworking spaces popping up around London, and in most cities around the world. Flexible working has become the most sought after attribute of many jobs, especially in urban areas where work life balance is now seen as a […]

Startup Story: Nadia, founder of Work-Life Success

Having a healthy work life balance is just as important as feeling successful these days, and that’s where people like Nadia come in. Nadia is the founder of Work-Life Success, where she “teaches driven women to achieve more”. She’s passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to helping women make the very most of their home […]

11 tips for selling creative digital products

Hey everyone! Charlie here, I own a little piece of the internet over at, and I’m here today with 11 tips I’ve picked up along the way when selling creative digital products online! Just a bit of background I sell nature-inspired stock photography and mock-ups on my own site (through WooCommerce), and on the Creative […]