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You’re invited to… Unleash Your Extraordinary, with Jess Ratcliffe

The idea of leaving your job to go freelance or start your own business is, in a word, terrifying. There are so many blocks ahead, and many of us lack the confidence to power through those blocks and reach the other side. I believe that the ability to achieve what we want is within every […]

Awesome launch alert! Meet Kelsey, Founder of Note and Shine

You may remember Kelsey Layne from our interview back in 2017 (the very first interview Desk Life Project ever published, in fact!) when we asked her all about her career as a freelance graphic designer and paper artist. Since then, like many entrepreneurs, she has expanded to other areas and has recently gone on to launch […]

This pop-up coworking space is helping tackle freelancer loneliness

Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere these days, especially in cities like London, but despite the free trial days and tours on offer, these gorgeous workspaces usually have one thing in common: they’re expensive. Some are really expensive, and as a freelancer lacking a fixed income every month it can feel wrong to spend money […]

Startup Story: Renu Ravalia, Digital Marketing Coach

We love to champion small business owners here on Desk Life Project, and every so often we find someone working in the online space that has not only started their own business, but is totally killing it in their field. This week we’re thrilled to be chatting to Digital Marketing Coach Renu Ravalia, who tells […]

7 things all freelancers struggle with in the first year

Let’s cut to the chase: freelancing is HARD. Like, really hard. It can make you want to cry multiple times a week, have full-on tantrums at least once a month, and quit and go back to a 9-5 job every fifteen minutes or so, and at no time is it more difficult than in the […]