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Inspiring Interview: Stephanie Newport-Booth, Co-Founder of GoSweat

For a while we’ve had things like JustEat, ordering our takeaways in the quickest, simplest way possible, and Treatwell, helping us to enjoy more spa days whenever we fancy. In 2016, Stephanie Newport-Booth was looking at a huge, gaping hole in the market where a similar service was needed for finding and booking fitness classes. […]

11 memorable quotes from the Cosmo Self Made Summit

Last weekend Desk Life Project went along to the Self Made Summit, an event put together by Cosmopolitan Magazine and featuring a whole host of amazing speakers. It’s not often you get so many big names and founders in one building, and we thought what better way to give you a snapshot of the event […]

3 pilates exercises that will save your desk life

Since switching careers from Physiotherapy to a business role and spending the majority of my time sitting, I’ve realised what all my clients have been saying all along: you can be stationary for 8 hours and not even realise it. It’s tricky to remember to get up and do something every hour if you don’t […]

1,000 Instagram Followers Challenge: What happened and what I learned

I’m always setting myself little challenges each month to improve myself and my business. Whether it’s reading a certain amount of books, finishing an online course, or writing to a set goal of words each month, I love to pick a deadline and an activity and make that my mission. Recently I decided to take […]

Takeaways from the ‘She Can. She Did.’ Midweek Mingle

I’ve been a fan of She Can. She Did. for a while now, so when founder Fiona Grayson announced the Midweek Mingle it was pretty much a sure thing that I’d be there with bells on (and a large, uncomfortable backpack apparently…not networking-friendly!). Her mission was to “bring together young female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs for […]