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Startup Story: Eve Kekeh, Founder of Bundlee

We’re adding another awesome founder from the Cosmopolitan Magazine Pitch Palace winners to our Startup Story blog today… it’s the lovely Eve, founder of Bundlee. If you go googly-eyed any time you see tiny baby clothes in a shop, then Eve’s baby clothing rental company is going to be your new favourite thing to follow […]

Startup Story: Rushina Shah, Founder of Not.Corn

When Desk Life Project was lucky enough to be included among the winners of the Cosmopolitan Magazine Pitch Palace competition, not only were we thrilled to have the chance to go along to a glamorous photo shoot and appear in the magazine, we also got to spend the day chatting to the other winners, a […]

Startup Story: Jess and Nat, Founders of Mac&Moore

There are the kind of startups that grow as a side hustle, always in the background until they are ready to take the spotlight. Then, there are the startups who go all-in from day one. Mac&Moore launched full-time right out the gate, and co-founders Jess and Nat haven’t looked back since. From going into business […]

Making the most of your coworking space

When our business becomes “big enough”, we are often tempted to join a coworking space, which can sometimes result in a whole lot of guilt. Just like paying for a gym membership and never going to the gym, investing in a workspace for your business and choosing to work from home 95% of the month […]

Startup Story: Maria Bukley, Founder of Little Wellbeing

Exercise is more than just that thing we humans do to lose a few pounds. It can also have incredible benefits for our mental health, which are just starting to be realised. Exercise and a focus on wellbeing is so important for every one of us, but as self-employed people who often spend long hours […]