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The importance of NOT getting stuff done

As I’m sure any school teacher will tell you, it’s a long slog from September to Christmas. We fling ourselves into September with gusto, inspired and excited by our ideas, ready to make things happen in the last few months of the year. But then the days get shorter, venturing outdoors becomes less appealing, Christmas […]

Startup Story: Ruby Lee, founder of Studio 77

Sometimes people have an enthusiasm so infectious that you can’t help but ask…”what’s your secret?!” Ruby Lee is that person, and her success with her business Studio 77 is turning heads even in its early days. We were lucky enough to catch up with Ruby to find out more about Studio 77, how she manages […]

Lessons from our dream panel

I was thrilled to end the year by doing something that I’ve wanted to do since launching Desk Life Project; a panel event with inspiring business owners from our community! Last month we all came together at IdeaSpace in London to talk about self-employed life and listen to three amazing women who are killing it […]

Startup Story: Amanda Holdsworth, founder of CommunicatED, and What the Professor Wore

Running a business is hard, but running two?? That takes some skill, dedication and serious forward planning, which is exactly what Amanda Holdsworth tells us about in her Startup Story. We caught up with her to talk about how she started her businesses, how she juggles both and how she prioritises such a busy schedule. […]

Startup Story: Morgan Ringrose, Freelance Web Designer and Social Media Manager

Thinking of quitting your 9-5 in search of more freedom and flexibility? That’s exactly what Morgan Ringrose did, and her story is giving us all the inspiration we need. With a talent for web design and social media, she said goodbye to her full-time job to pursue her own business dreams, and as she says […]